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Extraction and Transfer of Facial Expression Wrinkles for Facial Performance Enhancement
Il-Kyu Shin, A Cengiz Öztireli, Hyeon-Joong Kim, Thabo Beeler, Markus Gross, Soo-Mi Choi
Oct. 2014
Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2014 (short papers)
Spatio-Temporal Geometry Fusion for Multiple Hybrid Cameras using Moving Least Squares Surfaces
Claudia Kuster, Jean‐Charles Bazin, Cengiz Öztireli, Teng Deng, Tobias Martin, Tiberiu Popa, Markus Gross
May. 2014
Computer Graphics Forum
Paper Differential13
Differential Blending for Sketch-based Expressive Posing
Cengiz Öztireli, Ilya Baran, Tiberiu Popa, Boris Dalstein, Robert W Sumner, Markus Gross
Jul. 2013
ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation
Thesis Phd
Meshless Sampling and Reconstruction of Manfiolds and Patterns
Cengiz Öztireli
Jun. 2013
PhD Thesis, ETH Zurich (2013)
Paper Analysis12
Analysis and Synthesis of Point Distributions based on Pair Correlation
Cengiz Öztireli, Markus Gross
Nov. 2012
ACM Transactions on Graphics