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Eg2018 1
PointProNets: Consolidation of Point Clouds with Convolutional Neural Networks
Riccardo Roveri, A Cengiz Öztireli, Ioana Pandele, Markus Gross
May. 2018
Computer Graphics Forum
Towards Better Understanding of Gradient-based Attribution Methods for Deep Neural Networks
M Ancona, E Ceolini, C Oztireli, M Gross
Apr. 2018
ICLR 2018
Diversified Mini-Batch Sampling using Repulsive Point Processes
Cheng Zhang, Cengiz Öztireli, Stephan Mandt
Dec. 2017
NIPS 2017
How to Refine 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Unlabelled Depth Data? Supplementary Material
Endri Dibra, Thomas Wolf, Cengiz Oztireli, Markus Gross
Oct. 2017
3DV 2017
Human Shape from Silhouettes using Generative HKS Descriptors and Cross-Modal Neural Networks
Endri Dibra, Himanshu Jain, Cengiz Oztireli, Remo Ziegler, Markus Gross
Jul. 2017
CVPR 2017